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Song of the Daily battle

Organize a Song Battle where two members of the team provide candidates to the Song of the Daily and the rest of the team vote which one is the 'best'

Two selected members of the team 'fight' proposing candidates for the 'Best' Song of the Daily. Once the songs or a portion of them have been played, the rest of the members vote for the best, where 'best' is completely a subjective matter: the funniest, the most trendy, the one with better quality... Actually, it doesn't really matter which of them wins. The contenders can be chosen randomly (e.g. the last two arriving to the daily) or preselected (e.g. on Fridays five couples of contenders are selected for the next week). The songs can be added to a list and as a side effect the Team Playlist is enriched with each contribution.

  • It is a good way of closing the standup and learn something about the musical preferences of your fellows.

Contributed by aguillentw.