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Update a team mate

Get your whole team feeling involved by having each person update another

Each person gives their update to the another person in the team, using their name and talking to them directly. E.g. “Natalie, yesterday I was working on X and today I’ll be doing Y”. Each person who receives an update picks the next person to give their update to. The last person then updates the first person. (If people keep picking the same group of team mates to give their update, use a little spreadsheet or script to pick folks randomly.)

  • Helps build relationships because everyone in your team gets a chance to have a little conversation.
  • Helps the team notice information asymmetry. E.g. it becomes very clear that a software engineer uses too much technical jargon in when they have to give their update directly to the visual designer on the team.
  • This helps team members to focus on useful information. It’s easier to keep an update to the point when you’re talking to a particular person.

Contributed by rouanw.