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One person missing

One person leaves standup and the rest of the team has to piece it all back together for them.

One person leaves your standup call (or goes to get themselves some coffee if you're in an office). The team then nominates one person to give the missing person an update when they return. Standup then happens as usual without the missing person. When they come back, the nominated person has to fill them in.

  • Helps the team build awareness of the fact that not everyone will be at every standup and to consider how to communicate what happened in standup in an effective way. People are often missing at standup for other reasons (holidays, sick etc.). Might as well get good at it.
  • Promotes listening skills as everyone else in the team is keen to see if the nominated person gets it right!
  • You may notice which bits of the standup end up getting forgotten. Are these important at all or could you have done without them?

Contributed by rouanw.