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Where does your update go?

Place your updates on sticky notes and group them on a real or virtual whiteboard

Using a physical or digital whiteboard, get each team member to write their updates on sticky notes. One update per sticky note, and limit it to one or two notes each. You can either ask each person to place their sticky notes on the board one by one, and place it close to related ones; or you can all pop your notes on in one go and then group them after. Pay attention to whose notes go where (different colour notes may help with this) and talk about it as a team.

  • You get to see how your work relates to others
  • You can spot people who may benefit from working more closely together
  • You'll notice if your team's attention is split between too many areas. Or if everyone's falling over each other trying to work on the same thing.
  • You can see how people view relationships between tasks. Are they focused on who does what (e.g. this is an engineering or design task) or do they see the broader connections?

Contributed by rouanw.